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    document.pages is "null"

    richardhauck Level 1

      Hi everybody


      I'm just writing a InDesign CS6 PlugIn with Adobe Flash Builder/ CS Extension Builder. So I hope this would be the rightplace to ask this question.


      Before I wrote a couple JacaScripts for InDesign and it alwas worked like this to get all pages from my Document as a Array like this:


      var test:Page = app.activeDocument.pages[0];


      app would be my InDesign Application.


      Now I get the correct number of pages with pages.length, but there is no array with all my pages-objects.


      Does anybody know what's wrong? The API says that there schould be th Collection of pages with this code.

      Thanks for any help on this.

      Best Richard

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          Harbs. Level 6

          You are mixing up Arrays and Collections.


          Almost all sets of DOM objects are returned as collections and not Arrays. (Some exceptions are allPageItems -- or anything else that starts with all or textConainers.) Document.pages is a collection. To iterate through the collection you should use myCollection.item(index). To convert a collection to an Array (which you might want to do for performance reasons), you use myCollection.everyItem().getElements().




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            Harbs. Level 6

            In Javascript, brackets work as shorthand for item(), so app.activeDocument.pages[0] is the same as writing
            app.activeDocument.pages.item(0), but that does not work in Actionscript.

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              richardhauck Level 1

              Hi Harbs


              Thanks for the clarification. As it always worked with Arrays in JavaScript I didn't look forther as the API talks about a Collection. Now it works perfectly and I learned to read better ;-)