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    my new worktstation - need advice


      Hi folks,


      This has probably been asked a million times. Sorry and thanks in advance for your answers.



      I'm going to build a workstation for Premiere, After Efects.  I still use Combustion (I know, I know...) a LOT !

      During a time period I will also use it for audio with NUENDO and/or Audition CC.


      I will get a Matrox MXO2 with MAX option  for Input/Output.



      My major concern/doubts are on the Processor / Motherboard / GPU.


      I believe I've droped the HP Z620 with 2 XEON. It's to expensive.

      Probably better but the times are difficult and I heve a budget with some limit.



      So I will go for a i7 based system.


      Some doubts:


      - I should get a 4770K or a 3790 or what ?

         Does the 4770K deserves the extra price - seems that it's not that faster.


      - what MB do you advice  -  I need that it comes with a 1394a for capturing from my Sony Z1 camera.

         I will start with 32G RAM but the option to upgrade to 64 later is almost mandatory.


      - NVIDIA Quadro is out of my range.

        GTX 780  vs  TITAN.    Any opinion?



      I've read that Premiere CC will manage 2 GPU. Is this correct?

      In this case I can later add a second 780 or TITAN.



      Last, but not the least.

      I will edit, mainly HDV and DSLR files.  No 4K soon (I think).

      I use intense ColorCorrection on every plan.

      I work most of the times in films with 40 to 90 minutes.


      I feel I should buy the best I can now.

      A less powerfull workstation will notice for sure, on CC2 or CC3.     Yes, time flies...



      Any input is welcome.




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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          The Haswell platform is limited to 32GB which makes the X79 the choice for you. The 780GTX is the best combination of performance and price. I would suggest that and spend the savings on an SSD drive. I would also suggest getting a Firewire card so the board options are open. The best boards configurations often do not have built in Firewire. The 3930K is the best CPU for the price and easily clockable up to 4.5GHz. What audio interface are you using with Nuendo and I highly suggest a Blackmagic card if you are using Nuendo since that is supported.




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            CarlosMF64 Level 1

            Thanks Eric.


            That limitation on the 4770K (Hasswell) is now clear for me.


            On the Intel website, the i7 Extreme Processors list, the 3930K is not present. It's a 2nd Generation.

            Should I opt for it of for a 4th Generation ?



            On the audio side I will check with Steinberg.

            The Matrox MXO2 has 5.1 audio monitoring. I will check if it works with NUENDO. With Audition CC it should work for sure.

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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              Only the Desktop platform has updated to Gen 4. That is limited to Quad Core and 32GB of ram. The workstation X79 platform is Gen 2 right now. That is the option with 6 Cores and 64GB of ram.


              I know Nuendo works with Blackmagic and that is what most Nuendo film users have. I dont believe I have ever tested Matrox with it.I would suggest you go with what is certified with Nuendo. Both will work with Audition.