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    CC Multicam help- Clips are being rearranged/ replaced with repeated clips


      I have a 35 minute multicam sequence set up, synched by audio. It contains about 12 overlapping video clips from two cameras. I was working on the project but then when I opened it the next day the multicam clips had been rearranged. In a couple of places, clips have been replaced by the first 1/2 clips so that the introduction is randomly repeated.


      The clips which have remained in the correct place in the sequence have been shuffled so that where previously an edit switched to an active slot, now a blank space is recorded while the clip plays in another slot.


      Is there any way to re-shuffle them back into the right places? Otherwise, I don't know whether to bother re-doing the edits in case it does this again, or if I should just give up and edit them the long-winded way on different video tracks.


      Thank you.