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    ID CS4 - How to accurately identify existing cross references?

    Pete47 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'd like to know how I can accurately identify an existing cross reference.


      I've assumed responsibility for a large document with many figures and many more to be added. I've been adding cross references that use my "figure" paragraph style. All of my cross references point to locations within the same document.


      I am encountering older formatted text that looks like it might be a cross reference but I can't be certain. I've been using the non-printing visible rectangle to clearly identify cross references I've added. The previous authors did this in one or two locations but apparently not consistently.


      What does it mean when my cursor is placed in a bolded word and when I select the Type>Hyperlinks & Cross-References menu and none of the fly-out menu options are available? Does this mean I've placed my cursor within an existing cross-reference?


      If so, is there any way to change the format of an existing cross-reference so that it uses the visible rectangle?



      Peter H.