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    How do i call a Function from another Function ?


      When i press a button, i want a series of functions to execute one after another (they contain tweens, but its irrelevant), each of them waiting for the previous to be completed. I want to put the series of functions inside one function, so i can call just this function to execute all the others. The animations are working fine, but i dont know how call Functions from within another function. Also it would be necessary each function to wait until the previous has completed, to execute. Here is a clear example of what i need to do:


      boton.onPress = animate ;


      Function animate () {


           animation1 (onComplete: animation2);

           animation2 (onComplete: animation3);

           animation3 ;




      Function animation1 () { Tween 1};

      Function animation2 () { Tween 2};

      Function animation3 () { Tween 3};



      any suggestions ?