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    PC Build for Video and Photo Editing on $1500-2000 Budget ?

    soloalpinist Level 1

      Hello All:


      I'm a Pro Photographer but find myself working increasingly more with HD Video... primarily DSLR footage, Sony AVCHD etc.  I work in the Adobe Master Suite. My video projects are putting a serious strain on my sadly under-powered current laptop and I need a new system. My goal is a basic system for editing photos and HD video that will give me sufficient performance...and preferably one that I can add too as need be.

      I'm not a computer/tech person... I've been spending a ton of time reading about systems... and to be honest my brain is overloaded!  I've been getting a general grasp thanks to the work of Harm Millaard and others (Thanks!) However,  I don't have the time to keep track of the latest and greatest from Intel, Nvidia etc for comparison purposes. Once I purchase components I have a tech-savvy friend who can help with assembling the build.


      Below I'll list my current needs... if anyone can offer suggestions on a system I'd really appreciate it.




      Budget: $1500-2000


      I'd like to purchase the components within the next 2-3 weeks.


      Cost is a factor (ie the most bang-for-the-buck)


      Primary Use: Editing Photographs and HD Video (Photoshop/Lightroom/Premiere Pro/After Effects etc)  I'd like to eventually work in Davinci Resolve


      I don't do any gaming.


      I'd like a system that takes advantage of cuda/open GL/mercury playback etc


      I'm looking for a flexible system I can add to as needed (RAM/Storage/etc)


      Thank you in advance for all constructive input.