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    Audio Error Crash


      I mentioned in another post that since moving to cc from cs6 I'm having audio troubles. The sound mixer for the show I'm working on records in a polyphonic format so that I get one file with 8 audio tracks. This is fine, but if he's not using all 8 tracks I recieve blank tracks. for example if he has 4 mics tracks 1- 4 will have audio and 5 - 8 will be blank. I have been deleting all the empty tracks before I merge the audio and video. The problem is when I put that merged track into a sequence all the tracks I just deleted are back on the clip, so I'm ending up with the original 8 tracks again. I've noticed that If I double click these tracks in the Project menu for playback in the source monitor I recieve this error message:


      Premiere Error.png

      I that point I choose continue


      Premiere Error 2.png




      Premiere Error no.png


      Close the Program


      Premiere Stuck.png


      It gets stuck here and then I just have to restart the computer.


      It seems to me that premiere is trying to reconnect the audio with its missing tracks and when it can't find them it crashes. Does anyone have any Ideas for ther ways I can delete these empty tracks? Or have any idea for why I am seeing this error message.