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    ADE Authorisation on multiple workstations?


      Hi, I have installed ADE 2.0 on multiple workstations using the silent install command line;  "ADE_2.0_Installer.exe /S"


      When we try to open one of the free books from Adobe, each workstation is asked to get authorised.


      Is there a way to authorise multiple workstations at once using a script?  (export/import registry keys)


      I tried and cannot find the proper keys!

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          sjpt Level 4

          I don't think there is.  The authorization is help somewhere more secret within the OS.

          Also, be aware that you can only authorize a maximum of 6 devices with one AdobeID.

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            DenMarcBros Level 1

            Would there not be a way for Adobe to allow us to manually authorize each of our workstations using a command line?


            We have over 2000 workstations that we would need to install ADE and having to Authorize each PC using "sneaker ware" is quite rediculous! 


            If we could install the application then run a separate command line to authorize each workstation in an automated fashion, would be much easier!


            Would there be a way to un-compile the EXE file to extract the bundled installer.  From there, there might be a hidden EXE to run a manual authorization?!?!?


            Adobe is maling it difficult for government agencies and other large corporation to easily deploy thier applications!