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    Advice on Pc build for video editing with Premier Pro

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          The advice to get a bigger case is correct. That GTX 670 will be a very tight squeeze inside that Antec 902 case due to the way the interior of that case itself was designed: The hard drives will interfere with the motherboard's expansion slots, restricting the length of those cards that will fit to only 9.5 inches long. Unfortunately, although a reference GTX 670 is about 9 inches long, higher-end GPUs will not fit if the PCI-e x16 slot is inline with an installed hard drive.


          Speaking of the GTX 670, it is clearly overkill on any system that's equipped with only 16GB of RAM total. Plus, you will need a third-party CPU cooler in order to perform any overckocking whatsoever of the CPU. Unfortunately, the Corsair Vengeance heat spreaders are extremely tall (over 50mm high!) that they will prevent proper installation of any decent tower-style CPU air cooler, especially if all four DIMM slots on the motherboard are being used. You will need 32GB of RAM plus at least a good third-party CPU air cooler such as a Cooler master Hyper 212 EVO (and overclock the CPU to over 4.0GHz) in order for that system to utilize anywhere near the performance capability of the GTX 670.


          Third, you do not need that particular Sound Blaster card at all: Its sound quality is surprisingly poor for a such a pricey discrete add-on sound card (or put it this way, it does not sound anywhere close to sufficiently better than on-motherboard audio to justify its cost).