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    How to make a video mask adapt to a path


      hi, i am currently working on the storyboard for a title sequence, and i have to animate it now.


      As you can see in the picture i have a light blue background that has a circular shaped mask, and everything  happens inside this mask in multiple layers on the back.


      my problem is i want this mask to be animated, and to have a watercolor felling. so i thought of using video footage of ink, you know the typical video of ink falling into water and sort of expanding.

      prueba 2.jpg


      i have no problem making the video appear inside the ink stain, but my question is: is there a way to make a video follow the shape of an object? so i can make this ink footage adapt to different mask  forms, for example a circle or a triangle, or even more complicated forms like, i dont know a human silhouette?


      i am thinking something that stretches the video along a path with the shape of the object may be the solution, but i am kinda lost here.


      Any help will be aprecciated, thanks for reading .