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    Why do Yahoo Flash videos not always run correctly in Chrome and Firefox/Windows 8?

    ElJayBronx Level 2

      I upgraded early last month to Windows 8 Pro.


      Running Yahoo! News and other videos (Yahoo! Screen, etc.; virtually all Yahoo branded products) I get a black screen, no error message on Chrome and Firefox. The videos run correctly on Internet Explorer.


      I have not found a way to run these videos at all in Firefox or the 64-bit Waterfox.


      In Chrome, I can DISABLE the internal Pepper-based Flash player and the videos will run (but nothing ELSE will: no YouTube, etc.)


      I can keep a plug-ins page open in Chrome and repeatedly enable and disable the internal Flash player; I can copy and paste the URL for what I'm watching back into IE...or perhaps some kind and knowing person here will have a better idea. For me, I sense a bug somewhere. BTW...this machine dual-boots Win8 and WIn7. The problem does not exist in Win7. Please don't suggest going back to Win7; that's a VERY mature (translate SLOW and quirky; survived repeated change of motherboard and other major components) install that I'm continually weaning myself away from and rarely boot into it anymore (Win8 boots from SSD and is blazingly fast, Win7 not so much).


      I have not found any site other than the ENTIRE Yahoo site that has this problem!


      Jay from the Bronx