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    "Chewed up" graphics

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      I created my website using Flash CS 5. My buttons while in Flash look clear and high quality, but when I "test movie in flash professional" or look at my site via an internet browser they aren't as clear. My site is www.wilson-graphics.com. I've changed the settings to reflect "High" for .jpg quality, but my buttons aren't .jpgs, they're .tifs. What do I need to do to make sure my buttons are as clear on the internet as they are in within Flash?

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          Check the image properties in the library.

          right click the image and select properties and try different image settings

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            robdillon Most Valuable Participant

            Importing .tiff files into Flash, while possible, is usually not a good idea. Flash wants to see .jpg or .png file types for bitmaps. When you import .tiff images, Flash converts them to .jpg file format images. As you've seen, Flash doesn't do a particularly good job at this. You best solution is to save out the files as .jpg yourself and then import the files into Flash. If you are using Photoshop, you can just save the .ps files and directly import those into Flash. Be sure to use RGB, not CMYK color and set your resolution to 72 ppi. For best color accuracy use the sRGB color space.

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              Try to check if Antialiasing is allowed in the image properties.

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                Thanks for responding. I changed the files to both .png and .psd files and all formats still looked chewed up (can't do .jpg because I need the transparent background - or am I missing something?).


                Should I create in Illustrator? (FYI: my buttons are screen captures of the movies. I take a frame from Quicktime, open it in Photoshop, cut out a circle, etc., etc., etc.,)

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                  Creating them in Illustrator would be the right way to do it... if you want perfect and almost lossless quality.

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                    If you are grabbing frames from video then the frame that you grab may not be all that clean to begin with. Is there any chance that you can get the original assets that were used to create the video? That will give you good clean artwork to start with. In any case, if you are screen grabbing out of a video, then you only have a 72 ppi image resolution to start with. Using a .tiff file will bring nothing to the table other than gigantic file size.


                    If you can save your screen grabs as .pngs, you'll start with the cleanest file. Do you have to use the screen grab as it is, or can you clean up or re-create the image in Photoshop, or even in Flash?


                    To get back to your original question about the change in image quality, are you saying that you can see a difference in quality in the artwork when viewed from your server and when viewed locally from your computer?