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    Can't access Distiller 9.0 in Virtual XP with Pagemaker 7.0.1


      I have had to revert briefly to using Pagemaker 7.0.1 to help out my mom who is still in the dark ages... anyhow, I have Pagemaker loaded in Win 7 Virtual XP because it crashes in the main O/S. I have also loaded Acrobat 9.0 from my CS5 inot XP BUT while I can access it from other programs installed in XP, Pagemaker will not. If I print to PDF, for some reason Pagemaker points to the same printer window as if I export to PDF. Worse still, no matter how I set things up, Distiller converts all greyscale to CMYK and downsamples my images by 50%. I have tried removing  the Print folder from the EXTRAS folder, I have removed the ExpPDF plugin, hoping that by doing so I would force Pagemaker to stop accessing Distiller 3.-whatever-it-is and go to 9.0. but no luck. I tried removing the PPD4 folder from RSRC\UKENGLSH but that didn't work either.


      What I am thinking is that there is a dll that points to the PPD4 folder in the RSRC\UKENGLSH folder and that's why I can't get Pagemaker to just print to my Acrobat 9.0 printer driver.


      Any ideas if this can be fixed and how?