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    Flash Pro CC - Reverse Upgrade: Import functions gone

    macandrew Level 1

      I use Flash for one thing only: creating graphic assets in the Library which are assigned class names and exported to SWCs. I do all my development in an IDE (PowerFlasher). A big part of this process is converting Illustrator and Photoshop assets into Flash libraries.

      I need to make decisions on a layer by layer basis as to how each layer is imported (bitmap, vector etc), registration points, instance names etc.

      And frequently the source files are modified in which case I would only want to select the modified layers for import.

      Removing the import dialogs for Illustrator and Photoshop makes Flash CC practically useless for me. A clearer case of "reverse upgrade" have I never encountered previously.

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          macandrew Level 1

          And be warned - if you save a file in CC and realize you need to go back to CS6, take the warning when you open the file in CS6 seriously - it will do serious damage to your file. There is no going back to CS6 once you've saved the file in CC.

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            Sudeshnasarkar27 Adobe Employee

            Hi Macandrew ,


            The PSD and AI Importer dialogs till Flash CS6 were overly complex and yet missing some specialized options. This re-designing of the importer dialogs was done to streamline the options so that we could quickly understand the options , make a simple set of choices and get the results fast. Too many options makes it difficult to work. In any case if deep customization is required we have an "Edit with.." option provided for the assets imported which could then be edited in Photoshop or Illustrator and saved, to bring back the changes to Flash CC.


            The major change in the PSD and AI Importer Dialog is that there is no layer preview pane in the dialog but we offer higher level control to the layers.Creating a movie clip for a layer and setting a publish settings for bitmap can be done from the library after the import process is completed. We already have tools for the movie clip creation and registration , hence these are removed from the dialog to make it less cumbersome.


            Thanks and Regards,

            Sudeshna Sarkar

            Adobe Flash Professional Team

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              macandrew Level 1

              Hello Sudeshna,

              Thank you for your prompt and frank reply. However I must respectfully and strongly disagree.

              It is hard to know where to begin!


              First of all, the "Edit with…" option only appears with bitmaps for editing in Photoshop.

              As for the applicability of round trip editing of objects once imported, that is useful as far as it goes, but does not answer to all needs. For starters, it overlooks the reality that the creator of the source file - the designer - is frequently someone other than the Flash developer. Changes come in the form of revised Photoshop file; it is not the Flash developer who makes them. Also in such workflows it matters to keep the source file in alignment with the Flash project for various reasons. Round-trip editing disrupts that workflow.


              The more fundamental issue is one of "streamlining" - removing options which make add complexity in order to get "results fast".


              Getting fast results is no good if they are the wrong results. Cleaning up the resulting import on the timeline and in the library is even more complex and tedious than doing it in the CS6 import dialog. Yes, the dialog was daunting until you learned to use it, but you could ignore the options and just hit "Okay" and get the same results as you do with the CC optionless version.


              What the CC import does is discard information in the AI file which has to be manually restored after importing. For example, while top level layers are imported to Flash layers with their identity preserved, nested layers lose their identities when imported as there is no option to import them as movieclips, as the attached screen grab illustrates.



              How does that make the process simpler?


              If you want to create a "Flash Lite" product that makes it easier to use by removing options and control, that is your prerogative, but please don't call it "Professional".




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                noneapplicable Level 1

                A massive step backwards once again by Adobe. As macandrew has pointed out below you have successfully turned a 'pro' workflow into an impossible workflow and as such added an hour onto our flash banner workflow!


                The import dialog was very important and I can't believe you have considered this a step forward in the development of Flash Pro??

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                  macandrew, I could not agree more!


                  I was completely dumbfounded to find, not only an unrecognisable import dialogue screen for AI and PSD files, but to watch it destroy information once imported was mind-boggling.


                  I had a relatively simple vector file with gradients and some unsupported blend modes. All elements had been converted to symbols with the intent to import to Flash and begin coding straight away after delegating symbols and fixing blend modes, etc. Instead, all of my symbols were flattened to low-res JPG and only the top symbol instance names were recognised; all others were discarded and merged to groups.


                  Sudeshna, I too strongly disagree that the importer dialogues were overly complex. Removing these 'complex' options has trippled the amount of time required to prepare artwork. The introduction of the importer options for AI files, and the ability to prepare Symbols within Illustrator first, is what brought me back to Flash development. It made sense, it saved time and it certainly was not complex.


                  The 'no layer preview' is certainly not the only major change to the importer dialogue.


                  Unfortunately, I'll continue using Flash CS6 until support for AI and PSD options – a feature that worked so smoothly and perfectly previously – is reintegrated.

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                    joebedington Level 1

                    Total step backwards, i'm only using Flash CC for the better video export functions. Flash 8-9 export, gone (Flash 10 onwards only, i wonder what the adversting world think of this) Motion editor, gone, no ability to add graph tweens in motion tween, import options, gone, fireworks cut and paste, no longer supported, colour wheel gone, text handling, not the same as CS. Well done Adobe, one step forward, multiple steps back. Why did i bother upgrading to CC, oh yeah cos its black!... Please, please, please, add the above back in, i only hope that Flash was mid development on the relase of CC and that you will add these back eventually, otherwise you're adding yet more nails to the Flash coffin.

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                      Same boat as you folks above. This is a terrible change for my workflow..attempting to revert my current PSD back to 5.5 so I can at least finish this project. I can't imagine how much time I would lose trying to import and then fix the layers in my PSD. There are hundreds of layers across many folders some of which need to be imported as movie clips, some as vector text, some as flattened text, etc. It would be even worse if I needed to adjust any of the registration points on this one..luckily I don't.


                      I and probably many others won't be able to use photoshop and flash CC untill/unless it is changed to have at least the same, if not improved import/export options. It's simply not worth the loss in productivity to switch.


                      Here's another post with pictures that nicely summarizes some of the issues and has helpful information on how to improve it.


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                        AdamSabla Level 1

                        Hi guys,


                        I have exactly the same problem.

                        You have stated everything very well.


                        I have noticed your post just now, I have posted quite similar thing one day after you posted this.




                        Also with motion editor missing, this way the Flash CC is really dead for my company.

                        I'm totally desperate about this, stuck with cs6 forever? Kill me please...



                        I was thinking about organising some kind of a group message / petition where would flash developers & motion designer, CTOs from companies who work with Flash note their statement about this. But I'm not sure if it would have an effect. What do you think?

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                          Jaysb77 Level 1

                          Hi Sudeshna sarkar


                          Are you serious. First you drop Action Script 2.0 and now you take away a very important feature like this because it's too complex for other users. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. Just put the more advanced features under an advanced setting. This way you can have the simplified version for those that found it complex to use and the advanced features for those that desperately need it. Everybody wins. 


                          Do you guys actually use this software. Yes there is an Edit with option for images that are in the library but there isn't any edit with option for ai files at least none that I am aware of. If their is please point me in the right direction in how to find it? Also how is not making multiple versions of files just to have one layer on or off not making it more complex.


                          So from what I am hearing this is your approach for example you have a illustrator file with lets say 8 layers in it. If we save the illustrator with all 8 layers. Flash CC will import all 8 layers giving us no option to select the layers we want like we had in CS6. So if I just want 2 layers on I have to go and save another file with just 2 layers on so it will only import those 2 layers. So tell me how am I going to name these files. Filename_2_layers_on.ai then Filename_5_layers_on.ai. How ridiculous is that.


                          There is lots of times people import an illustrator file into flash only to realilze later on that they want to import another layer maybe from another illustrator file or another project all together or maybe you decide to add another layer to your project. The way you guys have it everytime someone has to do one of these things and believe me these are just some examples of diffrent scenarios users face, they have to save off a different file version everytime or if they don't save off diffrent versions then if I want to get one layer our of a 100 layer file. Flash CC will import all 100 layers to the stage so I can get that one layer I wanted. Now I have to go and delete all 99 extra layers. I don't know about you but this way of thinking is way more complex and definitely not user friendly.


                          I guess we all will be sticking with CS6 or older version until adobe realizes what they have done. Seriously what were you guys thinking


                          Adam great post you are so right on everything you said. This seriously needs to be fixed asap 

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                            Same thing here, I make "cover-effects" for digital magazines and usually just get at pdf to work with, separate it into layers in photoshop and then import the .psd to flash.


                            Is it even possible to disable the image compression for imported files without changing in the library afterwards?

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                              Absolutely agree.
                              I make animation in Flash, but drawing characters in Illustrator. Long time I work in Flash CS6 and try to fast up the import process. This window helps to make a structure in few clicks. Of course I can make symbols in Illustrator, but it take more time than simply few clicks on chosen layers. So I can stay on CS6 version, but CC 2015 have a great function "distribute to keyframes" that very useful to import frame by frame animation.

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                                Preran Adobe Employee

                                I checked with the team and this feature is being considered for a future update. Stay tuned. We will post here as soon as we have it available.

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                                  Nipun Asthana Adobe Employee

                                  Hi All,


                                  The new release of Animate CC (15.2) brings back the advanced import options for AI and PSD import dialog.

                                  See here for more info: https://helpx.adobe.com/animate/using/whats-new.html#adv_PSD


                                  Update your copy of Animate CC using the Creative Cloud App and try it out!