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    Automatic posting of results


      Hi all, Can results be automatically posted to a web page?

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          Pengpeng Sun

          can NOT automatically post, you need export results from response table to a pdf/xls/csv file and manully post to you web page.



          Pengpeng Sun

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            Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

            Actually you can publish the responses and embed it in your website.


            Open you form

            Click on the Share button in the bottom left corner

            Click on Publish Responses

            Click on the Publish button in the dialog


            You will see a "Published" icon on the bottom bar

            Hover it to expend it (if it is not already expended)

            Click on "Copy embed code"



            You can then use this embed code in your website. As responses are coming it the table will reflect the lastest data.


            You can also just have a link to the published data (use "Copy link" instead) if you don't want to embed the data in your website.


            Hope this helps