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    Images downsized and converted when exporting to PDF


      I have Pagemaker 7.0.1 installed on Virtual XP so that I can help out a family member.


      Pagemaker's embedded Acrobat 4 was not working properly so I installed my Acrobat 9.0 on Virtual XP. This unfortunately has not solved the problem, which is:


      My images are greyscale and 300 ppi when imported into Pagemaker. When exported to PDF using Acrobat 9.0, the images are being converted to CMYK and exported at about 50% of the actual size. Interestingly, those images that are only at 200 ppi are converted but not downsampled.


      This is happening no matter how I fiddle with the settings. Happens to both jpegs and tiffs.


      I found an old thread on another forum where this problem occurred but a solution was not found or posted.


      Any ideas?



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          BigJohnD Level 3

          This reply is a series of comments and suggestions rather than a definitive answer.


          1. Your set up is less than perfect, if not unstable, and will be prone to all sorts of bizarre behaviours.


          2. Never copy/paste a graphic or table into PageMaker.  Always use the Place command. The only "exception" would be that you can copy and paste a properly Placed graphic from within your PageMaker document.


          When placing images in a PageMaker file, the following message appears: “The graphic in the linked file would occupy xxxxxxx bytes in the publication. Include the complete copy in the publication anyway?” The correct answer to this question is always "NO".


          (You can permanently avoid this popup in future docs by unchecking "store copy in publication" under Element -> Link Options with no publication open. You can do the same to avoid further prompts in pre-existing documents.)


          3. Try updating PM to Ver 7.0.1a which had a better Export… AdobePDF…macro. http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=34&platform=Windows 


          4. In PageMaker’s Print dialogue, click on the Options button, and check "Write PostScript to File." Select the "Normal" radio button. Set both Type 1 and TrueType fonts to download. As always, set the Send TIF/Images option to Normal and NOT Optimized. Make other settings elsewhere in the print dialog as desired, such as "paper" size, crop marks, separations, etc.


          5. With your non-standard setup, try the two stage print then distill process. Create a PS file using a postscript printer file, then load Distiller and convert the PS file to PDF.  Note: if you have hyperlinks in your PMD file, they will not appear in your PDF and need to be re-created using Acrobat.


          6. It's time to leave PM and move on to InDesign - see it as PM Ver 13. 


          7. Aternatively, use PM7 on a contemporary Win2K PC.  http://bigjohnd.org.uk/PageMakerExportPDF/index.htm

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            eggheadbooks Level 1

            Hi Big John:


            I have InDesign CS5.5. But I am helping someone who is still using Pagemaker and needs to keep the files in that format. Unfortunately, saving to IDML in InDesign isn't as backward compatible as they claim.


            I have updated to 7.0.1a.


            I have tried writing to postscript and then distilling. No change.


            I had tried all your suggestions already. Unfortunately none of them worked.


            All graphics were placed in the file, not copied and pasted.


            I have tried both linked and embedded images. No change.


            What is obviously happening is that when Pagemaker is sending the info to distiller it is not accessing the linked images, and thus exporting only the image thumbnail (thus the downsampling) and converting what it sees as an untagged image and thus applying its own CMYK color profile.


            On your page your setup is to install Pagemaker first. That actually created my first problem, which is that Pagemaker would not then access my Acrobat 9/Distiller 9; instead it went only to its own PPD4. Adobe recommends loading Acrobat first and then Pagemaker. That solved the first problem and now I can access Acrobat 9. But unfortunately the end result was the same because the underlying issue -- not accessing image information during distillation -- remained.


            I have now had to resort to an annoying workaround: fix the files in Pagemaker and keep that file for my mom, then open in InDesign in my main O/S, tweak the screw-ups that this causes, then export to PDF for the print house.


            What I may try is your suggestion to install a postscript driver from the PM7 disk, uninstalling Acrobat 9 first.