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    PrintJob - Missing Colors

      I'm attempting to utilize the PrintJob class for a project I'm working on that will ultimately be distributed to a CD.
      Since I've never used this class I started w/ a simple test. I set up a Flash AS 2.0 project, created a MovieClip containing some text and a shape (both black), created a new PrintJob Object, added the MovieClip as a page and started printing. Since I don't have a printer hooked directly to this machine I chose to save as a PDF. Upon opening the PDF I noticed that instead of a black square and text they were both blue. After doing many more tests (involving other colors and imported jpegs) it became obvious that the only colors that were coming through where Cyan and Magenta.

      Has anyone had a similar experience? And more to the point does anyone have a fix for this?

      These are my specs:
      Flash CS3
      Mac OS 10.4.10
      Mac mini - 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo