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    Is it me? Using a transition on a AE file shows no result?

    Netcommercial Level 1

      Hi All,


      Thanks for looking in. I was wondering about importing an AE file into PP and then using some transitions there. However I am not getting any results.

      IE: Import AE file into PP and chop it at a place I want to add an IRIS transition? I cannot seem to figure how to add it in AE so I thought to media link it and try and do it in PP

      Waniting to do it without rendering the AE file to an uncompressed avi to import, then chop, and add transition.


      Another funny thing off topic same file.

      The file is a 1920x1080 I am importing from AE, yet when wanting to export from PP to an UNcompressed AVI. PP scales it down to a 720 X 480 file?

      Why? Or what do I need to do to stay consistant please. Keeping the 1080 on AVI uncompressed export?


      Reminder 2 questions on this post