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    Freeform Polygonal Mask in LR5?


      I'm trying to create a freeform mask to remove and/or fade out a distracting portion of an image.  I've done this in Photoshop before, but that isn't an option now.   (I've dropped my CC subscription because it's way too expensive for the features and tools that I would use).     I've gone through several "enthusiastic" training videos on YouTube, gone through tutorial videos on Lynda.com, and Googled for the answer.   Nothing.


      Can I do this in LR5?   Any LR5 addins for that?


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          Lee Jay Level 4

          Kind of.


          You can use the spot tool like the spot healing tool in PS and click and drag on objects you want to clone or heal away.


          Elements will do this as well as PS, and with a perpetual license and at a low cost.  But LR does it non-destructively but with limitations.

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            dan_public2 Level 1



            Thanks.  I tried the spot healing and the new radial gradient tools. They are excellent within the limitations, but you can't create a precise, manual selection like you can in Photoshop.  And that's what I need. 


            I've used Photoshop for several years, but have realized that lately I use maybe 1% of its horsepower.  With CC, it's no longer worth the cost to me.


            I hadn't thought of Elements.  Thanks for the suggestion. I'll take a close look at that.





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              dan_public2 Level 1



              After a quick review of other products, I downloaded the trial Photoshop Elements 11 (and Premiere Elements 11).  PE 11 (both) worked quite well. 


              One criteria for me was to integrate well with LR5 so that I could perform initial editing in LR5, go to PE11 for some work (like editing masked selections), then smoothly return to LR5 for final touch ups, upload to sharing sites, etc.   I tested that workflow and it went smoothly.  My new workflow needs a lot of work, but at least I now have the basics thanks to you.


              Actually it went so well that I purchased the Photoshop/Premiere Elements download combo package on Amazon for $89.99.   With my upgrade to LR5, the total cost was  $170.   This meets my needs nicely and costs WAY less than CC. 


              Many thanks,