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    Chapters will not save.


      I imported a C4 Book indb file with all it's chapters into C6. I can open chapters, make changes, and appear to save the file. It even asks permission to overwrite the file with the same name. But if  close the chapter and then open it again nothing has been saved.


      I went through the entire book saving until I noticed that I was starting to get an error message that some chapters were being saved "outside the book." Are these files being saved somewhere else?


      There are multiple copies of the project, but i changed the name of the copy to use for the revisions.


      Is there some permission I need to change on the original C4 book files that I'm missing?








      I went back to the computer I originally got the files from changed some folder permissions there, then imported the entire folder over to the new computer. So far I am able to save the revisions.  I don't know if changing the folder and file permissions there instead of on the new computer made any difference or if the files were being saved on some other copy of the book.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Books are tricky animals. They are really just a collection of links to other files, and manually copying the book and related files to a new location DOES NOT cause the copied book to open the copied files since the actual links are unchanged.


          If you want a new copy of the book that will leave the originals intact you should use the Package For Print... command from the Book panel flyout menu.