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    I want to add permanent subtitles to my project


      Hey guys,


      is there a tool that will let me add custom pernament subtitles to my project? Note, I want the subtitles to be burned in the video itself.


      I have already typed in all my subtitles in Encore, but it won't let me do this, only add weak subs that don't always show up.


      I exported the subtitle file, but it's only a .txt file and most apps need a .srt file to burn in subtitles.


      I've been looking all over the internet for a few hours now, and I need to finish this project by tonight. Help?


      If I have to, I will type in my subtitles again, but I don't really see an easy way of doing it, I tried Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, Sony Vegas, and even Windows movie maker