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    Strange Export Issue - Dynamic Link and Straight Export




      Straight into it... When I try to encode my nested timeline to MPEG 2-DVD, wether via Media Encoder, Export from Premiere, or Dynamic Link with Encore, it gets a quater of the way through the encoding process and then stops... the programs don't freeze, the process still says it is going, but nothing happens.... I left it running for 8 hours just to make sure, but with no luck...


      The nested sequence i am trying to export is one of 2 nested sequences in the same project. Nested sequence 1 exports perfectly, nested sequence 2 not so much... I have checked the sequence settings, I have created a new sequence and copied the files from my edited nested sequence to it, but no luck... No files seem to be corrupted... etc. etc..


      About the project:

      • CS5.5 Creative Suite
      • It was a multi cam shoot, hence I synced all clips in one sequence, nested them and then edited the nested sequence in the multi-camera monitor.
      • This is nothing new to me, having been doing it for 8 years using Premiere Pro and Encore and I have never seen this happen
      • It is a complicated multi-camera shoot which was hugely time consuming to edit, so I am hoping i don't have to go back to scratch...
      • I shot on 1920x1080 25p


      Thank you in advance,



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          streamthis Level 1

          I don't do much multicam, but does your render stop on the same frame in the timeline everytime?  If so, I would start by looking at that particular frame in my timeline.  If possible, change an edit point at the trouble spot (or something) and see what happens.  Could be you have a corrupted frame/clip, so maybe cover with a different shot there?

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            Yarrabundie Level 1

            Thank you, that is a really good point, I am not sure if it does stop in the same point each time...But it would be close i think... I will do some tests! Thank you


            Although on rendering, I am able to render out okay in the timeline - it's just on the export... strange.... not sure if there is something to that or not.

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              Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

              Sounds like you might be hitting one of the issues encompassed in this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4085593#4085593


              Be forewarned: it a long and winding road. If you don't have time to plow through all 253 posts, jump to my posts 160 (pg 5 for me), 203 & 223 (pg. 6).


              Executive summary: the two most common causes, if memory serves, were having GPU acceleration enabled in PPRO (only some cards and only with some sequences, but in those cases switching Mercury Playback to software-only was a reliable workaround) and the presence of still images greater than 1920x1080 (only two such sequences are queued up back to back in AME).

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                Yarrabundie Level 1

                Hi Mark,


                Thanks for your message... I "think" the problem is a combination of

                1. As streamthis said, something wrong with a file in the timeline and
                2. 1920x1080 images


                The project was hanging at the same spot... so i deleted that clip, and it would progress nicely and then hang on another spot... so i am wondering if it is multiple clips....?


                Also when removing still images/graphics larger then 1920x1080 it also seemed to progress better....


                Unfortunately I think I will have to try and re-edit the sequence in a new project.... I will though export the un-edited sequence to make sure it will actually export! I'll post a progress update!