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    AE CS6 raytracer sooo slow since updating with CC


      Hey guys,


      First post here!


      So GPU accelerated raytracing is one of the reasons I bought a GTX 670 and a subscription to creative cloud.  I only used it a few times to create captions using dynamic link between Premiere CS6 and AE CS6, but it ran fast and smooth.


      Then CC came out, and I download new versions of AE and Premiere Pro.  I noticed right away the dynamic link for the raytracer would crash premiere when it tried to render.  That feature is very important to me, so I uninstalled all CC updates and I'm going to continue to use CS6 until the dynamic link raytracer issues get resolved.


      But now the CS6 versions are horrible slow.  Installing CC obviously changed something, because raytraced titles that did not take any time to render now stall the machine, if they render at all.  What gives?! Is anyone else having this problem? How do I go back to the good times when everything worked perfectly?