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    Adobe makes fake advertisment

    LS3T Level 1

      Adobe makes fake advertisment about the Creative Cloud.


      I'm a movie maker, and now, I can't make DVD or Blu-Ray easily, because there is no Encore CC, and the dynamic link between premiere pro CC and encore CS6 didn't work.


      But in the pages describe the Creative Cloud, they say there is Encore, in perfect interaction between programs (that is clearly wrong), and in another webpage, they say that i pay for the new version of all my old favorite products.



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          DanielW2011 Level 1

          I was duped by their fake advertisements as well but even worse I showed the fake ads to 2 of my clients and they bought into Adobe's fake ads and signed up. There is no file sharing with the cloud. They were so disappointed with me and the mess I got them into with the fake software that they let me go.


          Be very careful with Adobe's fake ads, it cost me my business.

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            DanielW2011 Level 1

            Here is the text that suckered me in.


            We hope your team is enjoying their Creative Cloud for teams membership. From now through June 28, you can add more seats for only US$39.99/month per seat — for up to 24 months.

            Your Adobe® Creative Cloud™ for teams membership will have some amazing new things to offer. Brand-new creative apps, like Adobe Photoshop® CC, Illustrator® CC, and 13 other favorites — with hundreds of new features that help everyone create their greatest work. Plus, 100GB of storage for each team member. And now, a lower price for both new and existing seats.

            Keep everyone on the same page, working on the latest versions of the same apps, and sharing files from any device.

            You've made the right choice. New creative software innovation will be delivered exclusively to Creative Cloud members. Add more seats of Creative Cloud for teams today.


            When I called to get this offer Adobe sales tells me that it is not real and to e-mail it to them, I tried of the 5 people at Adobe that I tried to e-mail it to, not one rep was able to receive it. Must have been their own spam blocker blocking their own spam.


            They agreed to honour the offer even though they have never heard of this fantastic offer. But there was a catch I would have to close my current account and start a new account, they didn't tell me my files CON NOT migrate to the new account I would have to duplicate all my folders and re-load all my files one by one (304 files) (36 folders).


            They also didn't tell me that members of the same team can't even see one anothers files, the file sharing services that sold me on the teams accounts doesn't excist, this made me look like a fool with my clients.


            Here is a list of the damages cause by Adobe false advertising:

            My two main accounts that I started this disaster for have dismissed me for wasting so much of their time.

            I am stuck paying for a CC for teams for one client for the next 6 months. I also have to re-do any of their files that I created and or edited with CC apps or CS6 and return them to CS5.5 and remove any of their files from the cloud. They used their CS5.5 serial number to get CC and are concerned that this serial number is now now longer valid and I had to sign an agreement that if it did I will have to replace their CS5.5


            I don't know what to do, the small business that I have been building over the last few years is in the toilet. My revenue has dropped off to almost nothing. Adobe tells me there is nothing they can do to help me. My reputation as worlflow consultant and prepress expert is in serious doubt. My standing in the design community as an "Adobe Evangelist" is now that of a stupid Adobe Jerk.

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              John Wykes Level 1

              Daniel, I feel for you.  This is the kind of thing that sickens me.  I have an employer who drools over new technology and would get all misty eyed over the idea of a "Creative Cloud."  Thank God I have cleared his eyes.  We did not go with Creative Cloud and we will not.  It is clear to me that Creative Cloud might be great for some students and beginning filmmakers and designers -- they are so very excited to pluck down their money and suddenly get the whole suite of programs for their little and not so little projects.  But Creative Cloud is most definitely not for professionals and most certainly not for teams.  I really hope your business can be rescued -- maybe go with other programs?  I do mostly video and so I am dumping Adobe and goint with Avid.  Sincerely all the best to you.

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                DanielW2011 Level 1

                Thank you John,


                You are so right, my only saving grace is to warn others of what can happen when jumping on the CC band wagon. They never informed us at the time of purchase that these features of the cloud where false and misleading.


                I like the Adobe software and I have spent years using third party products to develop PDF workflow's that do what CC for Teams falsely claims. Native files in the workflow where only a dream. Looks like it was a dream for Adobe too, still is.


                I was on Adobe's door step with my cook books full of paper clip markers cause sticky notes hadn't been invented yet on the day the first RIP was out the door. I jump in with both feet and started typesetting on a laser printer, there was no PageMaker yet but it was a twinkle in Paul's eyes and the Knoll brothers had not even met John yet. I wonder what some of them would say today if it didn't effect their stock holdings.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                  Creative Cloud is most definitely not for professionals


                  "The next version of Adobe video tools has been developed with features created in direct response to the needs of filmmakers, broadcasters and video professionals. In fact, the multiple Academy Award winning Coen brothers have been working directly with the Adobe Premiere Pro product team and are switching to Adobe Premiere Pro for their next feature film slated for late 2013."

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Just speculation on my part, but I would assume that the Cohen Bros. will not be directly involved in distributing their next feature onto DVD-Video, or BD. That will be handled by others, and will obviously not involve Adobe Encore. Am I correct in that assumption?


                    BTW - what is your plan for delivering DVD-Video, or BD content to your clients?



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                      LS3T Level 1

                      Sorry for all the ***** happen to you. Me i'm just a little late about a modification for a DVD / Blu-Ray, this is nothing compare to you.



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                        LS3T Level 1

                        Do you think I don't know how to use Encore?


                        The problem is not that.


                        1st - There is not explicit subjects about Encore when you buy the Adobe CC

                        2nd - This is back in time with the workflow. Before (with CS6 dynamic link) if you want to do a blu-ray and a DVD you need only two nights of render, and 58 Go of space.

                        Now you have to do 3 nights of render, and 108 Go of space disk. And if you want to do some modifications, you can't modify Adobe Premiere Project, but all export again and relinking and redo 3 nights of render.


                        Some of my clients always demand modifications, so I have my computer who runs 2 days more, buy another hard drive disk, and waste time to looking for the best way to do it. THIS IS NOT a better workflow, like they said.


                        And I don't care if Cohen's brother works on premiere CC, they make great movies surely but they're not developpers and they d'ont have the same needs of a smaller structure.