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    What is the state if flex, and air development for air




      1- I wanted to know what is the state of affairs in flex and air as cross platform mobile development solutions?

      2- Are they still worth learning and spending time developing mobile application using these technologies?


      Becuase all the documnetation forum posts and most of the help material I come across is almost a year old.



      Any guidance in this regard would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          There hasn't been many improvements to mobile components in the past year or so, but many folks seem to be happy with it.  There were some recent threads on the Apache Flex mailing list.



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            The right place to look for updates on Flex is http://flex.apache.org


            The good thing is that activities are still going on. The bad things are that:

            - Unless the dependency to Adobe air is cut, Flex as an open source project is bound to fail imho. See FlexJS for updates on that point

            - Current activties seem to be focused around making things more polished rather than working on hard stuff (typically developing an independent and open source runtime execution engine => flexJS)




            For a small company, home development, not so business critical applications, I recommend warmly Flex, since it is one of the best (if not the best) cross-platform mobile development environment (Very good performances if used appropriately, very good programming environment, lots of components, structured language, lots of documentation and tutorials, easy to design, etc.)


            for business critical applications... The risk is high !