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    Capturing RTMP

    Kristian Wright Level 1

      Is there a way to get a snapshot of a live streaming RTMP feed? I've tried BitmapData.draw, but this causes a sandbox violation. Is there a way around this? Is there a way (ANY way) to grab a still image from a live RTMP stream and save it to disc?

      I've also tried the workaround of unattaching the netStream, doing bitmapData.draw and then reattaching the netStream.
      I was using this workaround in the past with Flex Builder 3 beta 1, but that is no longer available for use. So now in Flex Builder beta 2, this has been caught, and even setting the stream to null then using the bitmapdata.draw method throws the error as well. So with the stream attached or unattached, I cannot draw the video as it throws the 2123 error.

      So does anyone have any advice, or know of a way to capture a frame of a RTMP stream other than BitmapData.draw??

      Thanks in advance,
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          Kristian Wright Level 1
          Sorry to bump, but anyone...? Anyone...?

          Is there NO way to do this? Surely not...!!

          ANY help / direction appreciated, as I really need to get this done!!

          Thanks again,
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            karnal, I'm interested in this as well. If you find anything out, please let me know.
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              Kristian Wright Level 1
              Will do rocker, but it's not looking good! I've posted this question on the Flash Media Server and Flash General Discussion (including the update) forums too, with no joy! I can't believe that this is not in any way possible though! I'll keep you posted, and please do the same... ;-)

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                Kristian Wright Level 1

                This is crazy! SURELY there's a way to save a grab from a live stream from Flash Media Server to disk. I can't believe that this is impossible, or that no one has done it before...

                Can anyone give me any pointers at all?? I've been trying all sorts of stuff to no avail, and I'm running out of ideas...

                I need your help!! ;-)

                Thanks in advance,
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                  Mr Binitie Level 1

                  For the moment the only war to access the raw data from an RTMP stream is to configure the streaming application to allow you do so. This means either in the server side script or in the unique Application.xml for the application setting the newClient.videoSampleAccess and newClient.audioSampleAccess to ./ (if you want full access). Once you do this you can take your snapshopt with not sandbox restrictions.