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    unicode in CS5/Windows

    FieryPantone Level 3

      OK, I'm only an occasional Photoshop user; but most of the things I need to do to tweak or fake screenshots I can manage. Today's challenge, though, has me stumped. I want to enter two unicode characters U+2776 and U+2777 or ❶ and ❷ – see, no problem for a mere browser.

      I managed to copy/paste from FrameMaker. The file/layer information in the tab renders the characters correctly, the layers palette renders them correctly, but the drawing itself just displays the x-on-box "problem" glyph. What's more, while I can select these glyphs and try to apply a different font (Lucida Sans Unicode), PhotoShop sticks with MyriadPro.

      A patient, step by step explanation of how to use the font of my choice and enter these unicode characters would be much appreciated!

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          That means that you selected a font that does not include those glyphs, and Photoshop does not do automatic font substitution like your browser does.

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            FieryPantone Level 3

            Well, the good news is you convinced me it ought to work somehow: and I have now managed to use copy/paste creatively to entice the required glyphs into my file. Thanks for encouraging me to persevere.

            The question "why didn't Photoshop let me change font" remains open, but has vanished into insignificance until next time. As for the whole ghastly question of Windows versus Unicode, I'm left with the impression the developers feel they went far enough by making ASCII codes accessible.

            And I realise it's silly to expect all Adobe products to use the same interface for something as basic as keyboard input – but while the FrameMaker palette may be a long way from beautiful, it gets the job done.