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    Why does my high res photoshop image appear blurry when placed in InDesign and Exported as PDF?

    weronika_w Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have a problem I've been trying to solve for days but just can't find the answer anywhere on the internet.


      I have a large, good quality photoshop file (2268 x 979 pixels, resolution 300 pixels per inch). When I place it into InDesign, the image appears OK (I've changed my display settings to HIGH) - I then resize it in InDesign to 10% and the file still looks great! Then, when I export it as PDF (high quality print) it looks blurry.


      Does anybody know why? The strangest thing is, I've placed other photoshop images in the same InDesign file and they look crystal clear. It is just this one I am having trouble with. I've saved it in the same folder as the other pictures, I've tried placing it as psd. , jpg. , photoshop pdf, png. everything...


      The image looks great in both photoshop and indesign, only when exported as pdf it looks awful.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated,


      Many thanks in advance!