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    Why batch run the script will block the ajax call?


      I added a script that call an ajax to write text file, However, the script is run as usual in the acrobat program. However, if I run the sequence file through batch , the ajax call will be blocked. That means, I can only write two times no matter there are many ajax request






      Ajax code: (Get the filepath and create an ajax function)



      filePath = this.path;



      ajax = app.trustedFunction(function(fURL) {





          fURL = fURL + '?path=' + filePath;



          var params = { cVerb:"GET", cURL:fURL, oHandler:{













      Ajax code: (make an ajax request, I suspect that is caused by too frequent ajax call but in fact it is not)


      app.setTimeOut( ajax("http://localhost/DEV/ajax_optipng1.7/check.php") , 10000 ) ;



      PHP code: (call this file to write text file)


      if (isset($_GET["path"])) {

                $productName = explode("/", $_GET["path"]);

                $fileName = $productName[count($productName) - 1];

                $productName = $productName[count($productName) - 4];

                require_once ('folderConfig.php');

                $processedFile = array();


                if (file_exists($statusFile)) {

                          $processedFile = json_decode(file_get_contents($statusFile));



                array_push($processedFile, $fileName);

                file_put_contents($statusFile, json_encode($processedFile));




      How to fix the problem? I would provide any extra information to clear the situation , thanks