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      I have a film to deliver to a TV station and I would like my video to comply to the following indications I received :


      "YUV colorspace

      electric level 700mV (+/-5%)

      fonds de synchro (sorry this is in french and I don't know the translation) level -300 mV (+/- 10%)

      luma 100%

      chroma 75%

      blacks must not be sticked nor crushed ("ni collés ni écrasés")


      I was thinking of using the premiere pro video limiter effect, as well as the broadcast colors effect, but I don't know if I must preferably use both or only one, and I neither don't know how to setup their values.


      Thanks alot for your help.


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          vilrockerdefer Level 1

          Let's say I want my video to comply to

          Rec. UIT-R BT.709-5

          What setting should I apply exactly ?



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            shooternz Level 6

            Apply a Levels Effect to the Project and that will "automatically" clip the video .


            Check that it is working with the Waveform Monitor. (Toggle FX on and Off)


            I usually drop the Whites to around 250-252 in Levels as well. (Content dependent.) This is because there is no soft clipping in Levels.


            Check Blacks sit above 300 in Waveform. Adust with Levels control if necessary.


            View program in RGB Parade as well. Check Chroma are in range. Usually Red is the only troublesome one.


            2nd Post: The above should make your video comply.  Nothing to set for that. It is a Video Standard ie specs.


            I do not use Video Limiter or Broadcast Safe Filters in Premiere.  I do not like the way they manage/control the "fix".  Ugly Luma Key effect in highlights.