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    AI Import - Structure is wiggling

    Daniel Keiling Level 1



      following scenario:


      I built a composing in Illustrator CS5 which is already separated on layers which i will use in After Effects.


      On one layer, there is a simple vector object. This object is given structure by using an image overlayed with "Multiply" and masked with the form of the vector object.


      I imported the AI file as composition.


      All the layers are positioned into 3D, Z-axis, and the camera moves on the z-axis through the different layers.


      Because of the fact that the camera will come pretty close to some of the object, i activated "optimate vector layer" (hopefully you will get this as my AE is in German) to get the vector advantage of not having any quality loss when zooming towards it.


      Now already while previewing, the structure over that object is wiggling, although the structure and the object are on the same layer. Also in the rendered output you can see that issue.


      Here i uploaded a very short part of the clip but you will able to see the issue (focus on the blue hills and the clouds):




      Thanks in advantage for every help. 

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That clip is so short that it's very hard to see anything but I think you are seeing what is commonly called Judder. Check out both links on this FAQ answer from the home page of this forum. Read both linked articles. This one, "Avoiding judder in motion graphics" by Rick Gerard, especially will tell you about Judder and how to fix it.

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            Daniel Keiling Level 1

            Hello Rick,


            thanks for your fast response.


            I read both of the articles but i could not get a solution out of it.


            I tried to change the speed of the horizontal movement of the clouds and changed the framerate from 24 to 29,97 fps, but nothing worked.


            Also the issue seems more like to be something object-specific or a thing of interpretation than anything more or less physical.


            I did a few trials and errors and ended up with deactivating this "optimate vector layer" thing worked fine.


            In my case i´m lucky to have these structured objects far in the back, this causes that it´s not absolutely necessary to activate the optimation as the objects will stay far away from the camera during the whole scene.


            But if i´d have some of the front objects structured that way and animated, this would be a real problem...