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    Lost project replaced with new one?

    ruez30 Level 1

      I have a project that was finished with the exception of minor tweaking. It was saved. I was going to go back later and finish. A few days later I started pulling clips for a new project in a completely different project. (and saved them)


      Now when i go back to the first saved project the clips from the new one are in that timeline! Arrgh! I really don't want to have to re do that whole project and I really don't understand how this happened in the first place. BTW the second project is still in tack where it should be too. So it is now in 2 places, but I can't find the first one.


      Has this happened to anyone before? Can anyone make any sense out of this?




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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          Try opening the Autosaves of the original Project:

          Project Folder\Adobe Premiere Pro Auto-Save


          Also, if you have exported any Sequences to Media Encoder via the

          'Queue' option, Media Encoder will leave a truncated copy of the Project

          that will contain the exported Sequence and its associated media here:


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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            I really don't understand how this happened in the first place.


            The only possible way it could have - operator error.

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              Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

              What version of PPRO are you running?

              Does the content for the two projects have the same filenames (like C0000.ext, C0001.ext, etc.)?

              Have you moved the content used in the first project?

              At any point when you opened the first project, has PPRO prompted you to relink to the media?


              While user error seems like the most likely scenario, if you're running PPRO CC (7.0), I'm thinking there's a possibility that Relink could have mapped to the wrong body of clips.


              Even if my hypothesis is bogus, a solution could be to make all the content in the first project offline, then relink it to the correct content. If, that is, the sequence in the first project reflects your edits from that project rather than the second on, which is not clear to me from your post.