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    InDesign CC - PC sluggishness (sorted!)

    M_Hasteley Level 1

      So, I had been pretty unimpressed with InDesign CC - it seemed to be a lot less responsive than CS6 on my work PC (which should be quick - Windows 8 64-bit, 16GB RAM, Intel 3770K, Ivy Bridge Mobo, ATI 6950, Intel G3 SSD with Wacom Intuos 5).


      Turns out, there's a setting in the latest drivers from Wacom, for the Intuos 5, that sorts out all of the sluggishness - it actually feels a little quicker than CS6!


      The latest drivers are here:


      Version 6.36w3 Multilingual are the ones you need.


      Under the Mapping tab in the Wacom Tablet Properties dialogue there's a new checkbox which says 'Use Windows Ink'. Uncheck that and all the lag, selection delay etc. - everything that made it feel sluggish - disappears!


      *It's even, just about, usable in High Quality display mode with Live Screen Drawing.*


      Cue much fist pumping.


      Hope this helps some other people!


      All the best,