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    Why Crazy Long Export Time? Please help!




      I am a novice to semi-experienced user of Premiere Pro in creative suite 6. Previously, I made a 3 minute music video with multiple edits, an additional sequence overlay, and an effects overlay. Already rendered, it took 3 hours to export. This seemed normal to me (and this is not my immediate concern). Export stats were as follows: 661MB file, H.264 file, VBR 2 pass, use max render quality, render at max depth, target bit rate 32, max bit rate 40 (the defaults) 1920 x 1080 res.


      Recently I've made another video--this one is 4 minutes (881MB). It has mutliple edits, three overlays, and subtitles running throughout the entire clip. This one claims to take 14 hours to export. I tried this (letting it run all night--what the hell) and it got stuck at 71% with 5 hours left, so I aborted it. However, I did get it exported in 5 hours (as an MPEG) by just selecting "use sequence settings."


      Ideally I'd like to export all my videos as H.264 clips, maximum render quality, VBR 2 pass, etc etc (as above)--to get the max quality I can. In fact, I recently uploaded my older project to check if that one would take extra long (in case my computer got a virus or glitch) but, nope, the older video still takes "only" 3 hours.


      And yes, everything is rendered before I export.



      My laptop stats are as follows: Windows 7, service pack 1, 6 gigs of RAM, 64 bit operating system, with the following processor--Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz 


      Essentially, why would one video take 3 hours while the other is 14 and gets stuck? Frustrating.
      Thanks for all your help.


      BTW If I can't solve the problem, what's the next best quality to H.264? Strangely the 5 hour export MPEG is 849MB--and looks just like the rendered raw file--so maybe this is good enough (?).


      Thanks in advance for any help.


      PS: I've read on the internet that some people can export projects in a little more than the actual footage--almost a 1:1 ratio. Is this true? Should my video really take only 10 minutes or so to export? Geez. It boggles the mind...

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          joshweiland Level 2

          There's currently a bug in AME CC with 2-pass VBR H.264 encoding.


          I'd say to try the export again, using the exact same settings, except change "2-pass VBR" to "1-pass VBR".  See what happens.


          As the Adobe staff member states in the referenced thread, 2-pass (even if it was buggy) really does nothing to improve the rendered video.  It then surprises me that many of their included presets (including the YouTube ones) are all set to 2-pass.

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            owenshireband Level 1

            Thanks Josh,


            I did try your suggestion. The good news is that I did get my H.264 video processed. The bad news is that it took something like 7.5 hours to do so (basically half the time since I did only one pass). In the end, at least I have two high quality exports, but that still doesn't solve why it's taking so long. Eventually I want to make 10 to 15 minute segments and I can only weep at how long that might take (at least on high quality). Again, thanks.