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    Are the brushes in Photoshop CC faster than CS6 - still need to use CS5 for large files

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      Are the brushes in Photoshop CC any faster than Photoshop CS6.


      Here's my standard large file, which makes the CS6 brushes crawl:

      iPad 3 size - 2048 x 1536

      About 20-100 layers

      A combination of vector and bitmap layers

      Many of the layers use layer styles


      On a file like this there is a hesitation to every brush stroke in CS6. Even a basic round brush has the same hesitation, it doesn't have to be a brush as elaborate as a mixer brush.


      This hesitation happens on both the mac and pc, on systems with 16 gb of ram. Many of my coworkers have the same issue.


      So, for a complicated file, such as a map with many parts, I ask my coworkers to please work in CS5. If they work in CS6 I ask them to not use any CS6 only features, such as group layer styles. The only reason why one of them might want to use CS6 is because they're working on only a small portion of the map, such as a building. The rest of the layers are flattened in their file.


      Just wondering if there has ever been a resolution to this problem...or this is just the way it is.


      Thanks for your help!