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    AE crashes everytime I try to open a project file.

    raphaelrjr Level 1

      I have a project file that I saved multiple copies of on a windows machine. I'm using a mac now and don't have access to the windows computer and need to open it. Everytime I open it, it loads all the stuff in the project window just fine then it says "After Effects error: crash occurred while invoking effect plugin "SK Sharpen". Then keeps going with the same message for other plugins, "Colorista II", "Roto Brush & Refine Edge". and "Auto Levels" I have all of these plugins installed on the machine. and have tried it on two different machines. It then tries to save the project but only gets to 21% and freezes. I've tried importing the projectfile as well as keeping caps lock activated. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I would send the project file to someone and pay them if they could fix it. It's important. Thanks