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    Can I build a interactive log-in form with Edge and Export Raw code to edit?

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      Hey Everyone,


      I love adobe edge, but I'm still getting used to it. It's very easy to use, but I ran into an issue. I am redesigning a webpage for a client and need to build a log-in page and re-design the site. The site is a Dashboard that will be on an ipad and computer. What I need to do is take my design and design a template for them to use. They require HTML4 and up with some coding (not a fan of coding, I am strictly a designer, and before you guys critize about why I took the job when I don't know coding, it's a side project they are having me do for them while the main design project is being evaluated and I'm on contract so I don't have a choice, still would like to learn how to achieve what I need) but I still want to maintain the animation I have planned for the log in, very simple nothing special. Basically what I want is when you log in and click in the "text" box the background image will go from the clear image to the blur image.


      What I've done so far,


      I built the log-in page as a test to see if it would work (didn't take long since I saved as a PSD and imporated the files). I've attached an imagw to show a visual of what I am trying to do. The animation works fgreat for what i need, but now I want the box I click in to be writtable inside and work with the animation. I can't seem to figure out how to make the box's I created typable to type in for a "Username" and "Password" in other word interative. I used the boxes provided in edge because they are HTML boxes, but I want them to become text boxes to enter the Username and Password (It doesn't have to be perfect just enough for me to type in to pass off to the programmers). I know you can make edge interative with muse and what not and I was hoping to achieve what I want for them so I can export it and pass it off to the programmers. Is there a way to add this in Edge? If not, I know you can export to Dreamweaver and  when I import the file to Dreamweaver I just see a grey box with the file I created (.oma I think) from Edge but not the content unless I "Preview it" in a browser.


      So is there a way to build what I want in edge without resorting to dreamweaver? If so and there is code to input can you guys provide step by step on how to put it in the program? And is there a way to export the project so I can pass the RAW code to the programmers to do there thing? Lastly, is there a way to incorporate Jquery mobile to Edge? For the Dashboard can I build the same thing in Edge? Example what will be in there are things like charts, Calendars, Dates, Etc, Etc.  If I need to resort to building it in dreamweaver I can provide the code for you guys to alter to change for what I need. Like I said I'm not a big fan of coding and a little stranger to it. I just know the basics and the fact I haven't touched dreamweaver since CS4 makes it even harder to use. Some tools I like are gone such as AP divs. However i like the new elements you can inject into the program such as the Jquery stuff, but for the simplist things I want to do such as moving them left or right or centering them is a different story.


      Please Help!