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    InDesign Text Variable Help


      I'm trying to get the text variable "Dimension" to work, but no matter what I do, it just says 'No Data from Link'. I'm wanting to display the dimensions of the imported link. I can get all of the other information like file name, color swatches used, dates, etc, just not the dimensions. I am working in inches while in Illustrator, and I've tried importing native .Ai and .Ps, as well as PDF, EPS, but nothing. When I look in Bridge, the dimensions all display as pixels. What am I doing wrong, any ideas? Thanks!

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Which version do you use?

          In CS6 I have experienced that not all meta information is working with all file types. Only PSD supported all meta information, and ai and pdf most (but dimension would not be applicable in an ai file). This is also happening with the Caption-Text function in Objects, many, if not most of the meta fields are ignored when a TIFF or JPG is used.

          EPS is not recommendable to use at all, specially in the spect of using meta information, but also for other reasons.

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            pixelbation Level 1

            I'm using CS6 as well. But  even importing a .PSD will not show any dimension information when linked to a text variable.

            My work flow would be design graphic in Illy, no other program, then into Indesign. And I would be keeping the files native for the most part. Except the separated printing plates would be in their postscript and from Distiller.