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    试用adobe CC的问题反馈


      adobe的的技术们,你们好!很高兴能在这个炎热的夏天试用到adobe cc。在试用aodbe cc过程中感觉adobe cc是个让人兴奋而富有新奇力量的软件,但在试用中也发现有不少bug,现在将问题反馈过来,请技术及时修正。



      问题三:photoshop智能图层,在设计中经常会将图层转变成智能图层,同时对其智能图层进行放大或缩小,但是会出现缩小或放大时失效的情况,例如缩小后,确定,刚才明明缩小的图片会马上 就反弹回去,变成缩小前的尺寸。





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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)



          leopard1063 wrote:

          The technique, how are you! Very pleased in this hot summer trial to adobe cc. In the course of the trial aodbe cc feeling adobe cc is exciting and full of new strength of the software, but in the trial also found that there are many bug, feedback over the problem now, please timely correction technology.


          Question one: photoshop Character Panel "selected character kerning" drag left or right values will bounce back.


          Problem two: photoshop stroke, stroke angle outward at right angles can modify or rounded corners and right angles are optional.


          Question three: photoshop Smart Object layer in the design will often layers into smart layers, while its smart layers to zoom in or out, but it will appear when you zoom in or failure, for example, after narrowing to identify, just obviously reduced picture will immediately bounce back into pre-reduced size.


          Question four: indesign right font support issues, some font id does not appear to support start-flash back phenomenon.




          Blimey, that Google Translate is good!


          Q1) Yes, that is a known problem, and will no doubt be addressed shortly.


          Q2)  See this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1247799?tstart=0


          Q3)  Hmmm...  Can anyone make sense of this one?


          Q4)  Will this be an Asian font issue?  http://help.adobe.com/en_US/photoshop/cs/using/WSfd1234e1c4b69f30ea53e41001031ab64-7580a.h tml

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            PingZheng Adobe Employee

            The question 3 is:

            问题三:photoshop智能图层,在设计中经常会将图层转变成智能图层,同时对其智能图层进行放大或缩小,但是会出现缩小或放大时失效的情况,例 如缩小后,确定,刚才明明缩小的图片会马上就反弹回去,变成缩小前的尺寸。


            Photoshop smart object: We usually convert layers to smart objects, and then scale the smart object. Sometimes the scale failed, I selected the smart object, reduced it to a smaller size, press OK. The smart object first reduced and then bounced back to the original size.