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    Multiple volume controls

      I have loaded a song into flash broken down into multiple frames:

      Frame 1 = Drums
      Frame 2 = Strings
      Frame 3 = Piano

      I want to create a single play button to play them all at the same time... I would also like to create an individual volume button for each of them... so that if I wanted to, I could turn down the drums and only listen to strings and piano... Any help with this would be greatly appreciated... I am using Flash CS3 Actionscript 2.0
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          To control a sound file, you need set up your sound files for export in the Library and then control the sounds using Actionscript. You don't want to place the sounds on the timeline.

          Select each of your sound files in the Library. RIght-click or Control-click on the sound file and open the Linkage option. Select the "Export for Actionscript" option. This will put the file's name into the Identifier space in that window. You can change this name to anything that you like.

          In an actionscript space in a frame, create a sound object and attach the sound to that object using the Identifier name.

          Look at the example code in the online help for the getVolume() method. This will also explain how to create a volume control.