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    Adobe Flash Player


      I get a windows pop up window stating, "Adobe flash player service 11.6r602 has stopped working. APP Crash ".

      I have uninstalled and installed 6 times. How do I fix.


      Thank you

      John Lacher

      [email address removed]

      Op system Windows Vista

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          Prabhuram R Employee Moderator



          Probably your Flash Player is out of date. Did you download Flash Player from here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/? If not, try download and install from the site. That should help you.


          Please note that Google Chrome browser has in-built Flash Player and you don't have to update it.


          With regards,


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            mungox Level 1

            a common complaint


            http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/installation-problems-flash-player-windows.html#mai n-pars_header_9


            relatively speaking, 6 isn't that much. The last time I upgraded FP, it took over 20 hours on 2 systems installing multiple releases and swapping video control cards to have a stable system.   

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              JELA Level 1

              Thank you for responding and your advise. I will try and follow up with you.




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                mungox Level 1

                if you still have problems, please include details about your PC. OS, IE, video cards, etc.

                Problems can be specific to those factors.


                There is no simple answer to your problem, that is why you didn't get responses. look at all the similar questions on this forum or other sites.


                you might need to install an older release like 10.3.


                11.7.700.169 is stable on my win7 64bit, ie9 system. One system has Nvidia video & one has AMD.   It took a long time to get there. Older posts say some people even bought new video cards !  That probably wasn't necessary unless you wanted one anyway.  My experience has been systems running with no added video cards such as laptops or simple desktops don't have problems with the newer releases.


                follow these uninstall directions if you go to an older release or else you get an error message a newer release is already installed.  



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                  I experienced the same problem and this is more than a simple pop up window.

                  I don't  know atm if it is virus, but it seems very close to.

                  If you uninstall FP the window still is pop up.

                  If you reinstall FP the problem remains.

                  If you try to delete the connected folders and files (as admin ofc) you will see them back.

                  I checked and it is in the start-up programs list but the path does not exist C:\Program Files/Common Files\Adobe\ARM\1.0\AdobeARM.exe

                  In my opinion this is not a normal behaviour for un updater, even it is an old one.

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                    JELA Level 1

                    You are the first person to report the identical problem I am having. Now I

                    am getting the blue screen telling me my system has crashed and to reboot

                    in safe mode.


                    I have written Microsoft and Adobe. No one has contacted me. Seven days

                    have gone by. I have done all possible maintenance I can. Questions from

                    techs at Best Buy have been raised about a virus that may has some how

                    infiltrated my system. Your thoughts!

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                      Romy2013 Level 1



                      I shall try to report this to a company that could solve  it.

                      It is in my area and I am hoping to obtain  a practical solution.

                      I shall keep you informed.


                      Best regards,



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                        JELA Level 1

                        Thank you. I will copy you in on what I get as well. By the way, every time

                        the pop up screen appears you can not do any thing else such as typing, etc

                        until you click on the pop up and close it.  I am getting to the point of

                        getting a new hard drive. I am working off a table top HP.

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                          mungox Level 1

                          if you are seriously considering a new drive, try a System Recovery that should be an option on an HP system and some other brands too. 




                          Backup all your data files first, they will be deleted as well as any programs you installed.

                          The factory installed programs will be reinstalled.


                          Good luck