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    Red Frames


      Hello Forum,

      I have just received a project from another editor who was working on Premiere Pro on Mac.

      I am opening the project in Premiere Pro CC on Windows 7 x64.

      I have noticed that there are a lot of single red frames showing up in the media. Most of them are on the first frame of clips on the timeline. I have gone through the sequence and I am finding them because the thumbnails in the timeline show red. Now, for some of the clips with red thumbnails when I goto the first frame the clip is fine, but thumbnail is still red. If I right click on these clips and uncheck Scale to Frame Size then the thumbnail will refresh and look proper. then, i marked these red frames with a marker, sometimes when I go to another spot on the timeline then return the clip is ok, but sometimes it will just remain red.

      The media is all DnxHD145. I have searched the forum and have found others experiencing these red and seems like sometimes green frames... not sure if these are related or not... but it looks like there is no solid solution. My media is playing back from an external RAID enclosure using esata. Also this drive is formatted HFS+ and I am using MacDrive on windows 7 x64.

      Any ideas on how to remedy this problem?



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          Andrew_S Level 3

          A red frame indicates a damaged frame of video. Or rather Premiere sees it as damaged, and changes it to red. I have seen this from time to time when recording HDV onto a Sony HARD disk recorder, although they tend to be in the middle of a long recording. Fortunately for me the image the camera records is fairly static, so I can freeze the previous frame over the red frame, so hiding it.


          Since the video is DNxHD, I wonder if this has been transcoded from another file format? Maybe the error occurred in that process.

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            BruceLittle Level 1

            Hi Andrew,

            Well I have had success. It seems like my OWC enclosure's ESATA and Firewire800 don't play nicely with my PC. when I moved the RAID enclosure to my MAC and then shared the drive with my PC over ethernet, red frames gone!

            Hopefully this will help any others that might be having this problem.



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              Andrew_S Level 3

              So it looks like an issue with the MacDrive software on your windows machine. Maybe the software is slowing down access to the files on the HDD, as a result of it being formatted in HFS+. Why not format the HDD in exFAT? That provides Mac and Win compatibility. The only issue with this is that you need a recent Mac OS, whereas exFAT is supported back to win XP.