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    Duplicate installation of Extension Manager?

    Mr. Doon Level 1

      I've recently rebuilt my computer. I downloaded the Creative Cloud desktop app and installed my favourite apps.


      I've installed the following;


      After Effects CC

      Fireworks CS6

      Photoshop CC

      Audition CC

      Muse CC

      Premiere Pro CC

      Edge Animate CC

      Edge Code CC

      Flash Pro  CC

      Illustrator CC

      Touch App Plugins


      I have two extension managers installed. CC and CS6. The CC version contains all of my CC apps and the CS6 version contains Fireworks.


      Why is this needed and when will Fireworks be updated to CC?


      Will the CS6 Extension Manager be removed when Fireworks is upgraded to CC?


      While we are on the subject, can I uninstall Adobe Application Manager now that all of my Adobe products are (supposedly) managed by Creative Cloud desktop? My second PC was running Application Manager before it updated to Creative Cloud desktop but it never uninstalled the redundant Application Manager...


      Keen to hear Adobe's thoughts on this... I like to keep my computer clean and duplicate apps frustrate the hell out of me