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    Font Licensing Issue


      I've just been handed an InDesign file that has lots of text set in Futura Medium.  This font was provided to me, and I installed it in Font Book.  InDesign opens the file OK, but my first attempt at exporting a PDF (for the printer) results in an error message:


      "1 problem was found with a background task:


      Futura Medium: This font coudl not be embedded due to licensing restrictions in the font. As substitute font will be used if it supports the glyphs used in the restricted font. The PDF will nto be created if the glyphs cannot be represented."


      So apparently I can't use their font, which is no surprise, eh?  I went online and bought Futura Medium BT from MyFonts.com and installed it.


      But how can I force InDesign to use the newly installed Futura Medium BT, without having to select every text instance using (the old, licensed) Futura Medium?


      I would have thought removing the client's Futura Medium, restarting InDesign and opening the file again would force me to choose the NEW font I just installed, but it doesn't.  YIKES!!!  Now what do I do?  If I can't export out a PDF that works, I'm stuck.  (The resulting exported PDF has garbled text due to a substitute font being used.  And the color fills are all black, too.)


      Any suggestions?  It would take forever to select each text block (on many different layers and pages) and change it to the newly installed Futura Medium BT.



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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          If the paragraph styles in your document were used prudently, you should be able to edit one or more of those styles to use the replacement Futura Medium BT font and depending upon the dependency chain of the paragraph styles and complete the replacement job easily!


                    - Dov

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            thanser Level 1

            Thanks, Dov. 


            I went in to Font Book again, deleted the first Futura Bold (licensed) and restarted. Now InDesign looks for that font when I open the file, and I'm able to remap the missing font to my new, purchased Futura Medium BT.


            But that doesn't explain why my color fills are solid black. And they're not placed graphics, they're rectangular shapes in InDesign.


            I'm using the default PDF settings for print.



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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Maybe you should back up and tell us some deatils about this file, and the color fills. Some screen shots might help, too.


              Off the top of my head the first thing that comes to mind if the fills are spot colors and they've been aliased to [Black] using the Ink Manager. What do you see when you turn on Overprint Preview?

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                thanser Level 1

                Thank you, Steve.


                I haven't changed any preferences or PDF settings since I recieved these project files.


                This is the ink manager dialogue box:




                I've never had to change anything in Ink Manager in my life, to be honest with you. 


                The default PDF export setting on my machine (Mac OSX 10.8, Adobe CS6) result in Pantone 1905C being represented as solid black.


                Thanks again.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  OK, it doesn't appear to be aliased in the file itself, but it could be aliased during export. Go to the Output tab in the export dialog and click the Ink Manger button there...

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                    thanser Level 1

                    Thanks, Steve.


                    The screenshot I posted was taken from the Export window, output tab.


                    However, I just resolved this issue - you have to remember to preview PDF files in Acrobat Reader or Pro, not Mac OSX Preview. 




                    I'm working on a pretty clean machine right now, after re-installing the OS and my applications. I had yet to install Acrobat Reader, and the OS naturally opens the PDF in Preview.


                    Apple: please fix this issue with Preview.


                    Case closed.


                    Thanks everyone.