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    Automatic selection of the item that ALREADY has colour applied to it?

    Catch Graphics

      Hi there

      I've taken to this forum to see if there's a way of solving the most frustrating thing in InDesign that I come across. When I'm in full design flow and I'm trying different colours between text, frame and fill I find it hugley frustrating that I keep changing the colour of the background box when I want to change the colour of the text etc. I know the logical thing is to check each time what it is set to change, BUT it would be a very logical thing to have it set to automatically select the item that already has a colour selected. ie, if I click on a text box that it selects the text to change colour so I only have to just start clicking on a different colour. I'm most likely to want to change the colour of something that already has colour applied. If I wanted to add a frame or fill the box then I can then click to do that. If there are two things applied with colour, then the last one changed would also be logical. Is there anything that can set this?