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    "Reveal in project" greyed out and match frame problems (Premiere Pro CC 7.0)


      I'm trying to reveal a clip in project window by right clicking a clip in timeline and choosing "Reveal in project", but the function is greyed out. Is it because the clips are merged? The clips have one track of video and 1-3 audio tracks depending on clip. When option+right click either only video or audio, i get the "Reveal in project" available, but when clicked, nothing happens.


      I also have problems with match frame. When i put a new (merged) clip on the timeline, it works, until i try the match frame again on different time. So it kind of works only on the clip that was previously edited to the timeline, and only once. Works fine with regular clips.


      Clips were merged using in or out point as the sync point, and "Remove audio from AV clip" checked. Audio and video sources don't have matching timecodes.


      I'm using CC 7.0 on Mac OS 10.7.5.