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    Clean URLs link builder/update

    PurplePlumUK Level 1



      One of the strong features I've always liked about Dreamweaver is its ability to update a link in the code wherever it appears on a page. Change the file name - bingo, all the links "update". Awesome.


      For some reason I cannot fathom however, I am unable to find a way to preserve "clean urls" in the code and still have this feature work. I'm hoping I'm being just dim and someone will say "oh that's easy... here's where/how".


      In my code: <a href="/some-directory/nice-clean-url">Link</a>

      The file in /some-directory/ of course keeps its suffix: nice-clean-url.php

      On the server a htaccess file does its job - all cool.


      Back in Dreamweaver however: Site menu > check links sitewide and there it is: "/some-directory/nice-clean-url" listed as broken.  In an ideal world, Dreamweaver would understand it is a clean url and so not broken.


      Here's hoping there's something blindingly obvious I've missed..


      Thank you.