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    sym.play("label") go fast

    Jacopo Cappelli


      i've create a simple rollover animation.


      I made two animation with three label (Sali, Scendi and Scendi2)

      1. When the mouse is over
      2. When the mouse is out


      I've create two event










      The problem is that if i go on the image the animation go too fast, does not employ one second(the time that i set) but it's immediate.


      What's wrong?




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          Departure Level 1

          To make sure we are on the same page:

          1 - are sally and scendi1, 2 are in the same timeline? if so, then on each event, the first command is beind immadiately overrided by the following stop()

          2 - are you trying to play scendi1 when the mouse is over and play the scendi 2 when mouse is out? if scendi2 is the reverse animation of scendi1 try using play("scnedi1") and play reverse for the mouse out instead to simplify.

          3 - Place the stop() on the connecting frame instead if you instead to use a stop, then you dont need to worry about stopping your animation in the mouseenter.

          4 - try to re-imagine the process by tracking what is happening in your code and timeline. you ll catch the error.

          5 - If it helps, use console.log("Type a message here"); this command will fire a message when the line is executed, u can view the message by opening developer tools in browsers. This is an easy way to catch errors and see whats being executed, or being ignored. you can track your error easier. 

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