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    Upgrading from CS3 to CS5.5

    Tess H


      I want to upgrade my In Design CS3 to CS5.5 in order that it is compatible with my graphic designer.

      She has only recently upgraded to CS5.5 so doesn't want to upgrade to CS6 yet, and has said that there will be incompatability issues with some parts of shared files if I get CS6.


      Can I still get an upgrade to CS5.5? I don't want to use the cloud, as I live in a rural area so have retricted Internet connection via satellite.  I use the system infrequently for basic brochure layouts that my graphic designer then tidies up, or changing images and text on established layout so I want / need the most cost effective option.


      I hope someone can help as trying to navigate the Adobe website it appears my only option is the cloud?


      Thank you