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    Where can I get detailed info on bug fixes?




      Where can I get more information on bug fixes that are listed in the release notes of each version? For instance, I am interested in each of the following ones.


      GRANITE-1215 - Workflow Monitoring via JMX

      CRX-4167 - Improved handling for backup procedure on ""listDir = /""

      GRANITE-877 - Fixed ""Too many open files"" issue in monitoring

      GRANITE-741 - Replication can handle missing content in the activation queue

      GRANITE-1090 - Configure exclusion of publish instances for activation status updates

      CRX-2943 - Cluster: Enable audit log on workspaces


      Apart from the one line descriptions, I need more detailed info like what was the issue or why it occurs and how was it fixed, looking for something similar to a KB article.